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Guitarist/vocalist/composer and world music artist Phyllis Chapell has recorded a marvelous new album called "Naked World." On this varied and inspiring nine-song set, Chapell, who also sings in 12 languages with her group Siora and as a solo attraction, has assembled the best of our region's jazz artists as guests. They include singer Paul Jost, vibraphonist Tony Miceli and pianist Dave Posmontier. As always, Chapell combines the best elements of everything from Latin and Middle Eastern jazz to gypsy jazz and standard songs.

by Bruce Klauber

Sent to Rodney Whittenberg (producer of the CD) 2016

Hi Rodney, thanks for sending this amazing album my way. I've been listening to it this morning, transported by Phyllis' voice and your arrangements. There is something so deep and soulful about her voice that, combined with your pristine compositions, fills the music with so much emotion and beauty. My personal favorite was WATER but mostly because I love duets, and this one was particularly beautiful. Congratulations, my friend! I look forward to following and supporting your musical journey.

One love, madi ‎

Jefferson Berry‎ to Phyllis Chapell July 2016 Phyllis,

Last fall we were busy writing and rehearsing "The Habit", and I missed the release of Naked World. The UAC's previous album, "Guitar on the River," was a studio cousin of your October release of "Naked World". For a year we'd bump into one another at MelodyVision, competing for Rodney Whittenberg's time and attention (Daddy always liked you best). "Is it done yet?" we'd ask one another, again and again. So it was with a certain amount of guilt that I listened to it only this month, knowing what a labor of love these things are. Remarkable it is. From your resurrection of Dan Kleiman's genius to the super fresh treatment of Cole Porter and Joni Mitchell, "Naked World" is an achievement that very few of your peers have approached. Your facility with the languages and spectacular vocal (as well as Rodney's tasteful production) have me missing exits in a dream played out now through 5 listens. I know what I'm getting people for Christmas this year.

Jefferson (Jefferson Berry, musician, leader of Urban Acoustic Coalition)

Terry DeAngelo (keyboard player who played with Eric Clapton and Bruce Hornsby):
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Phyllis Chapell from CD "Naked World" song: Entrudo.
Email sent on 10/12/2015:,

I was driving down Rt. 76. i actually pulled to the shoulder about 20 seconds into and did not budge until it was finished. It was so beautiful and the sound so original and afterwards they announced who it was and what blew me away with you singing in a foreign language was your phrasing. I mean it's one thing to learn the language; another to understand where the syllables land for each note but then to actually interpret the phrasing. It had me floating on a latin rhythm and your voice romantic/angelic. It had me transfixed...Coolest thing! I've NEVER heard that kind of style before — from your singing to the arrangement. I've never felt so at a loss to explain how differently the instruments were used on this cut. I understand latin beats but it's almost like this was one off. I'm sure you would tell me the time signature and I'd understand, but it's that magic when you stop being a musician while listening and become captivated by the interplay between instruments and even with that being said, unquestionably the voice is what I was transfixed on. Only musicians understand that sweet moment that takes you away from gravity, makes you feel light and that musical high — it was remarkable that as a listener I felt that high OK, I'll admit it i would have shed a few tears while listening but you can get a ticket for crying on the shoulder of 76. But I want you to know for what its worth that this is an unsolicited review from Sinatra's nephew. He was my mom's cousin, so i had to call him Uncle Frank on Sundays when he was in town for dinner. You are the real deal. you made me FEEL. Honestly it is very rare that I get hit with a song like a 2 by 4 over the head—your guitar, your voice. What age did you start playing? Do you arrange most tunes yourself? You see Phyllis, I have to get my questions in now as i have a feeling I'll need a backstage pass to say hello. Been doing this a very long time, and I'm not telling you anything you don't know already. It's rare, but now and then you hear this musical alchemy that hits you right between eyes. There are many great musicians. but not many who show sincerity, depth, and sensitivity. Thats what I heard that day. It's one thing to do it live, but to actually have that shine on a recording quite another.

Hey Phyliss - just listened to your album on SoundCloud. Your voice is beautiful. The whole production is very well done. Congratulations to Rodney, too!

Evan (Solot)

I just listened to " Naked World" and have added it to my FYC spreadsheet. It's truly inspirational and your voice is beautiful and unique!


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The romance of music! By Ricky Kej on October 3, 2016
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Phyllis Chapell has a voice made for the romance of music. Her songs are always melodious and extremely listenable :-). "I Only Have Eyes For You" has brilliant vocal arrangements, trumpet and harmonica accompaniment that seamlessly merge with the voice so as to become one. Her Spanish songs "El Talisman", "Entrudo"and French track " Quand tu dors pres de moi" are magical and sound magnificent in her voice. The inventive use of the tabla and sitar in "Song To A Seagull" make this track eloquent and emotional :-). The magical Hebrew song "Mi Ha-Ish" is my favorite track and with its haunting melody and cello and percussion, this song adds to the element of this album being truly international. The amalgam of language and the ease with which Phyllis Chapell renders them all is truly commendable and phenomenal. This is a marvelously arranged and produced must-have album that is worth multiple plays! :-) :-) :-)

Five Stars By tonyaris on January 24, 2016 Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase
Phyllis is extraordinary period.